"Bizim Tarla" Cherry Preserve 400g
"Bizim Tarla" Cherry Preserve 400g


"Bizim Tarla" Cherry Preserve 400g

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Rich in vitamins, cherry jam is one of the most 
needed and loved jams. Cherries increase hemoglobin,
lower blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar. Ingredients: Cherries, powdered sugar, ascorbic acid (E300),
citric acid (E330). Nutritional value per 100 g: Fat: 0q Protein: 0q Carbohydrates: 60q
Energy: 1020 kC / 240 kcal
*This product is made in Azerbaijan and does
not contain GMOs. Please protect it from sunlight.
Storage conditions: 0 ° C + 25 ° C
and relative humidity not exceeding 75%.
Once opened, refrigerate and use within 2 weeks