About Chinar

Officially started in 2018, "Chinar" was born out of a deep love for Azerbaijani food, table traditions and hospitality.  Every time when we visited Azerbaijan we fell in love with country’s culture. When we came back, there was always somewhere a gap, an absence..  

From the amazing food to the deep sense of hospitality; we were missing the long walks down the boulevard of the Caspian shore, the narrow streets of the old city of Baku or just the little things like greeting and talking to your neighbors, your neighborhood’s “market” owner, or the taxi driver.

icheri sheher

We couldn't bring back the waves of the caspian sea, the friendly neighbors or the hot summernights spent with sweet talks under the mulberry tree, but, we could bring back the food, the taste of Azerbaijan! 

Our goal is Europe to get well acquainted with the traditional cuisine of Azerbaijan, the culture and the traditional food. That's what we're doing at Chinar, it's our humble effort to bring the vitality of the land of fire to the heart of Europe. 

Enjoy exploring the delicious, authentic taste and get inspired by the amazing foodblogs and try out an Azerbaijani traditional dish recipe! Don´t forget to share it with us!

Address: De Fortunawerf 4, 524MK

KvK-nummer: 72940239